$6. Patchouli Soap

INGREDIENTS:  Shea butter,Olive oil,Sunflower oil,Water,Peppermint leaves,Coconut oil,Aloe vera,mango butter,Almond oil,Neem oil,Patchouli oil.

BENEFITS: Helps with wrinkles,Blemishes,Fine lines,Dry skin,Acne relieft,Natural moisturizer ,Breakes up cellulite,Helps with Inflammation and skin irritation.

5 oz bar

$6.Activated Charcoal Aloe 

INGREDIENTS: Black seed oil,Amla oil,Shea butter,Cocoa butter,Olive oil,Sesame oil,Water,Activated charcoal,Aloe,Black currant oil.

BENEFITS: Natural detox soap,Helps pull bacteria from skin pores,skin toner,exfoliant,gets rid of dead skin cells,unclog pores,pulls oil and dirt from skin surface,gets rid of blackhead.

5 oz bar

$6.Forever Garden 

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil, Mango butter,Water,Linen Scent,Aloe,Green tea,Activated charcoal powder,Sunflower oil,Vitamin E,Rice bran oil,Shea butter.

BENEFITS;Anti-aging,Wrinkles,hydration,Skin glow,Powerful detoxifier,Removes harmful toxins from skin,Acne,Has the ability to decrease sebum,Reduces inflammation,Dry skin,Soft skin and youthful apperance.

5 oz bar

$6. Cherry Almond Soap

INGREDIENTS: Olive oil,Cherry oil, Shea butter,Mango butter,Kokum butter,oatmeal,roasted almonds,Wild cherries,coconut oil,Neem oil,Pumpkin oil.

BENEFITS:High in vitamin A content which helps reduce the apperance of wrinkles. Vitamin E keeps your skin cells healthy , free from fine lines.The fatty acids helps your skin retain moisture and can heal chapped irritated skin.

5 oz bar

$6.Passion Fruit Soap

INGREDIENTS: Jojoba oil,Neem oil,Red clay,Water,Coconut oil,Almond oil,Hemp oil,Tamanu oil,Shea butter,Avocado butter,Sunflower oil,Apricot oil.

BENEFITS: Skin hydrations,Moisturizer,,Red clay binds impurities and dirt to be removed from skin surface. Skin toner and cleanser for acne prone also oily skin

5 oz bar

$6.Almond Coconut Soap

INGREDIENTS: Shea butter, Olive oil,Almond oil,Coconut oil,Grapeseed oil,Black seed oil,Hemp seed,Sunflower oil,Safflower oil,Walnut oil.

BENEFITS: Natural skin moisturizer, naturally anti-bacterial,high in vitamin E, keeps your skin hydrating and repairing,

5 oz bar

$6.Banana Orange Soap

INGREDIENTS: Banana oil,Orange oil,Shea butter,Coconut oil,Mango butter,Turmeric,Water,Olive oil,Pumpkin oil,Amla oil.

BENEFITS: Vitamin C soap,reducing the signs of acne and other uncomfortable skin conditioner.fights wrinkles,gets rid of oily skin,soothes skin.

5 oz bar

$6.Rose Water Soap

INGREDIENTS: Rose petals,Hemp seeds,Sunflower oil,Shea butter,Mango butter,Rose Water,Kokum butter,Coconut oil,Rosehip oil,Raspberry oil

BENEFITS:Helps with acne,eczema,psoriasis, helps maintain the skins PHs balance and also controls excess oil.Helps reduce redness of irritation skin. Acne,dermatitis.

5 oz bar

$6.Chocolate Soap

INGREDIENTS: Cocoa powder,Coconut oil,Cocoa butter,Chocolate oil,Shea butter,Green clay,Black seed oil,Seamoss Powder,Vitamin E oil,Mango butter,Rice bran oil,Jojoba golden oil.

BENEFITS: Treats dry skin,Reduces Skin Inflammation,Helps with Acne blemishes,anti-aging,provides relief to itchy and peeling skin,stretch marks.

5 oz bar

$6.Turmeric Honeysuckle

INGREDIENTS:Tumeric,Honeysuckle,Shea butter,Neem oil,Sesame oil,Vitamin E,Rose petals,Kokum butter,Cocoa butter,Coconut oil

BENEFITS: Fights acne with natural antiseptic to keep bacteria spreading .Reduces dark circles,soothes dry skin,reduces the apperance of stretch marks.

5 oz bar

$6.Dead Sea Mud Scrub Soap

INGREDIENTS: Pink salt.Sea salt ,Lava Salt,Dead sea mud.Shea butter,Mango butter,Coconut oil,Argan oil,Plm oil, Cinnamon bark.

BENEFITS: Gets rid of dead skin cells ,vibrant skin, skin exfoliation that allows extra moisture to the dermis of the skin tissues.

5 oz bar

$6. Raspberry Vanilla Soap

INGREDINTS: Raspberry oil,Shea butter,Glycerin, Hemp oil,Avocado oil, walnut oil,cashew oil,Water,Coconut oil,Vanilla  beans ,Purple clay.

BENEFITS:  Anti-inflammatory ,Raspberry fruit is high in vitamin E and Phytosterols therefore its great for eczema and psoriasis.Anti-aging due to content of ellegic acid an antioxidant .

5 oz bar

$6. Green Matcha Soap

INGREDIENTS:  Shea butter, Green tea  , Sea salt, Argan oil., Hemp seed oil. Sunflower oil, Seamoss powder, Vitamin E ,Castor oil ,Kokum butter,Citrusy verbena blend.

BENEFITS: Gets rid of dead skin cells and bacteria . Natural exfoliant and to help even out skin tones and blemishes 

5 oz bar

$6.Lavender Soap

INGREDIENTS: Lavender oil, Shea butter,Vitamin E oil,Argan oil, Hemp seed oil,Coconut oil,Tamanu oil,Mango butter,White clay,Castor oil,Babassu oil.

BENEFITS; Helps relax the skin , extra hydration for skin protection to allow oxygen to enter the pores of the skin. Natural Beauty bar.

5 oz bar

$6. Mango Papaya

INGREDIENTS: Shea butter,shea nut oil,Mango butter,Coconut oil,Amla oil,Jojoba wax,Vitamin E,vitamin C,Neem oil,Mango oil,Orange peel,Coconut oil,Papaya.

BENEFITS:Combined with its other traits such as anti-inflammatory properties,scar reducing and skin brightening effects. This soap is perfect for fighting acne ,pimples,blackheads,whiteheads and other skin concerns.

5 oz bar

$6. Cinnamon Latte Soap

INGREDIENTS: Cinnamon,Latte ,Shea butter,olive oil,Coffee grounds,Coconut oil,Rice bran oil,Argan oil,Kokum butter,Water,Clove oil.

BENEFITS: Exfoliate for dead skin cells,antioxidants helps to prevent aging skin,Good for cellulite and helps to soothe skin. Antibacterial properties to fight the bacteria that cause Acne.

5 oz bar

$6.Honey Oatmeal Soap

INGREDIENTS: Ground oatmeal,Manuka honey,Almond milk,Shea butter,Water,Honey essential oil,Olive oil,Coconut oil,Mango butter

BENEFITS; Exfoliant for dead skin cells, rich anti-oxidant ,effective for soothing sunburns,helps with dry skin, rashes,eczema, psoriasis and itchy skin.

5 oz bar

$6.Cherry Pomegrante Soap

INGREDIENTS: Cherry oil,Pomegrante oil,Olive oil,Shea nut oil,Rosehip oil,Jojoba oil,Kokum butter,Black seed oil,Pink clay,Red clay.

BENEFITS: The high omega 5 fatty acids (Punicic Acid) levels in Pomegrante seed oil is strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties by helping to fend  off free radicals. Helps with unclog pores.

5 oz bar

$6.Coconut Sage Soap

INGREDIENTS: Sea salt,Coconut oil,Sage oil,Rosemary oil,Cedarwood oil,Shea butter,Mango butter,shea nut oil,Grapeseed oil,Siberian.

BENEFITS: Natural soap scrubs to remove dead skin and helping to add more oxygen to the skin for healthier pores.

5 oz bar

$6.Vanilla Oatmeal Soap

INGREDIENTS: Ground Oatmeal,Warm Morroccan Vanilla,Shea butter,Mango butter,Olive oil,Cocoa Powder,Sunflower oil,Natural fragrance,Pumpkin seed oil,Almond milk.

BENEFITS: Exfoliant , Skin detox to get rid of bacteria and to open up the pores on the skin , soothes and heals skin by adding extra protection to the surface.

5 oz bar

$6.Fruit Bowl Soap

INGREDIENTS: Rice bran oil ,Pink clay ,Shea butter,Green tea matcha,Kokum butter,Jojoba oil,Seasame seed oil,Walnut oil,Water,Essential Oils,Vitamin C.

BENEFITS:Rich in antioxidants, great source of omega-3,6 and 9,helps with wrinkles,fines lines,dry skin ,rashes. soothes redness ,itching ,great soap to deal with dermatitis .

5 oz bar

$6.Apple Spice Soap

INGREDIENTS: Shea butter,Cinnamon oil,Apple oil,Olive oil,Grapeseed oil,Clove oil,Pumpkin seed oil,Vitamin E,Mango butter ,Neem oil,Water.

BENEFITS:Skin hydration, Moisturizing skin leaving it soft with a youthful apperance. Protects the skin from free radicals damage which in turn helps to slow skin aging while leaving the skin plump.

5 oz bar

$6. White Tea Ginger Soap

INGREDIENTS: white tea Extract , Shea nut oil,Shea butter, Ginger Extract .Olive oil, Sunflower oil,Hemp oil,Hemp protein,Mango butter,Argan oil,Water.

BENEFITS: Soothes skin, adds extra hydrations,perfect skin toners,vitamins and minerals to the skin surface,helps with skin blemishes,anit-aging . Antioxidants rich.Reduces redness and inflammation cause skin issues such as eczema and extreme dry skin.

5 oz bar

$6.Grapefruit Tea Tree Soap

INGREDIENTS:  Grapefruit oil, Tea tree oil,Shea nut oil,Shea butter,Neem oil ,Water,Olive oil ,Pink salt,Sea salt,Ground oatmeal,Peppermint leaves ,Sunflower oil,safflower,Primrose oil,Meadowfoam oil.

BENEFITS:  Exfoliants to get rid of dead skin cells,This popular soap is great for treating acne because if its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Calms redness swelling and inflammation.Helps with dry skin.

Allergies. This soap contains TEA TREE OIL.

$6.Cucumber Melon Soap

INGREDIENTS:Shea butter,Water,Olive oil,Hemp oil,Cucumber oil,Melon Oil,Cocoa butter,Kaolin clay,Bentonite clay,Seasme oil.

BENEFITS: Rich in linoleic acid,Vitamin E. Skin protective barrier strong and improving firmness and elasticity .Cucumber soap helps diminishes signs of aging while promoting cell regeneration.

$10.Seamoss Toothpaste 

INGREDENTS: Spearmint,Seamoss powder,Aloe leaf juice,Stevia,Peppermint,Calcuim carbonate,Water,parsley extract,Glycerine.

BENEFITS: Fluoride free toothpaste with no harsh chemicals. Remineralizing Toothpaste.Adds minerals back to the teeth .Seamoss has over 92 minerals including ,Calcium .Iron and also Vitamins. Helps kill bad breath and gets rid of germs. Removes plaque buildup.

4 oz.

$10.Sage Neem Salve

INGREDIENTS: Sage oil,Neem oil,Shea butter,Rosemary oil,Coconut oil,Beeswax,,Almond oil,Lemon balm,Pau D arco herb,Burdock Root,Comfrey Leaf.

BENEFITS: Herbal healing salve is great for rashes,minor burns,acne,Dry skin,Peeling skin,Diaper rashes,breakouts,minorbruises ,Skin Blisters,Hives,psoriasis and eczema.

2 oz.

$10.Liquid Gold Facial Oil

INGREDIENTS:  Shea butter,Lemon sugar,White tea extract,Tamanu oil,Coconut oil,Kaolin clay,sea clay.sea buckthorn.

BENEFITS: Great for treating wrinkles,Anti-aging.This oil is rich in fatty acids which help keeps skin moisturized.Hydrates and soften skin. Helpseven out skin complexion. Helps unclog pores so more oxygen can penetrates skin tissue and cells. Natural Anti-fungal. High in vitamin E which gives skin a youthful look and a softer feel.

1 oz bottle

$10.Dead Sea Mud Mask

INGREDIENTS; Green french clay ,Dead Sea mud ,Seamoss powder, Golden Jojoba Oil.

BENEFITS: Mud mask can work to remove impurities and dead skin on your body.Pulls out bacteria and toxins that causes breakouts and acne ,removes build up dirt trap in skin pores,making skin tight and firm again, while applying the mask to your face it will become tight and drawing out waste and smaller particles that clog up pores and  letting oxygen feed your skin cells.

4 oz jar. Use Twice a Week. Leave mask on for 25-30 minutes.

$13.Deep Roots Hair Oil

INGREDIENTS: Rice bran oil,Horsetail herb,Coconut oil,Castor Oil,Almond Oil,Neem oil,Clary Sage,Jojoba Oil,Amla Oil,Argan Oil,Mango Butter,Lemon Oil,Rosemary Oil

BENEFITS:Helps boost blood circulation of the scalp when massage deeply into the scalp.High traces of Vitamin C helps to nourish hair follicles and increases hair growth. Helps to prevent hair oil. Natural Silica ,it doesnt  just promote the structural integrity of hair, it approves its sheen and texture also. Selenium heps your body process iodine which regulates hair growth.

4 oz Bottle

$15.Deep Roots Hair Oil

INGREDIENTS:Shea Nut Oil, Rosemary Oil,Amla,Golden Jojoba Oil,Lemongrass,Mango butter,Pumpkin seed oil,Black seed oil, Vanilla oil,Horsetail herb

BENEFITS:Anti-inflammatoty properties that helps with flakiness. Helps for growing thicker hair.It could help prevent hair follicles from being starved of blood supply ,dying off and leading to hair loss.Contains zinc ,magnesium,Minerals that feed oxygen to the scalp.Helps  with hair growth recovey ,Vitamin A,VitaminE,Vitamin K and four fatty acids including the omega 6 linoleic .Natural protein  and keratin to feed hair follicles.

4 oz Bottle

$13.Pineapple Body Oil

INGREDIENTS: Babassu,Castor oil,,Rice bran oil,Shea butter,White clay,Sage oil,Green french clay

BENEFITS:Natural skin nourshing emollient  detoxifier that cleanses and moisturizing skin leaving it soft. Antioxidants,Vitamin E,Vitamin A, Vitamin B12,fatty acids rich in omega 3 and  9. Promoting instant hydration achieving healthy skin.

4.25  oz  Glass bottle

$13.Seamoss Body Oil

INGREDIENTS;  Castor oil,Amla oil,Amond oil, Seamoss powder,Red clay,Shea butter,Blackseed oil,Rosehip oil.

BENEFITS: Adds 92 natural minerals back into the skin,Soothes dry skin,Anti-inflammatory properties which helps to tame chaffing and chapping ,reduces redness cause by drying. Ease the effects of eczema and Rosacea and keeps skin calm and comfortable.Vitamin E andB complex vitamins in this powerful oil helps skin repair itself.

4 oz bottle

$10. Coffee Body Cream

INGREDIENTS: Ground coffee, Shea butter,Mango butter,Water,Glycerine,Lanolin,Vanilla oil, Sandalwood ,French vanilla,Coconut oil,Glyceral stearate,Isononyl isononanoate.

BENEFITS: Topical application of collagen enhances the capacity of our skin to retain water and the penetration to the second layer of the skin,all which helps reduce and prevent wrinkles. Collagen also improves the apperance of skin blemishes and open pores.Helps with cellulite and gets rids of dead skin.

8 oz bottle

$13..Peppermint Matcha Facial Wash

INGREDIENTS: Turmeric powder,Shea butter,Lemon oil,Plantain,Cocoa pods,Palm trees leave,Coconut oil,Water,Citrus,,Coffee extract

BENEFITS: Calms psoriasis, Reduces oily skin,Fights body and facial acne,Reduces skin blemishes,Good for senstive skin types, helps with dark spots , fine lines , wrinkles, soothes eczema,.Gets rid of dirt,grime , dead skin cells, excess sebum and grems.Perfect moisturizer,Helps with skin rednesss, rashes.Rich in vitamin A,E and essential fatty acids that helps with skin discoloration and scarring .

8 oz bottle

$10.Turmeric Facial Wash

INGREDIENTS: Turmeric,Apple country,Lemongrass oil,Red clay ,Sea buckthorn,Coconut oil,Hemp oil,Olive oil, Rosehip oil,Vegetable Glycerin,Potassium,Water,Jojoba oil.

BENEFITS: Helps with oily skin,acne prone skin.This powerful facial wash allows natural oils to penetrate pores with antibacterial agents, helping clean your skin without drying it out.This is a Alkaline face cleanse that balance out the PH in the skin surface to reduce Acne also great for Eczema and Rosacea.

8 oz bottle

$10.Dark Circle Eye Serum

INGREDIENTS; Shea nut oil,Mango butter,Mulberry,Almond oil,Kokum butter,Fennel,Palmarosa.

BENEFITS: This powerful serum is a great remedy for reducing dark circles. Since it is rich in nourshing vitamins.Helps lightens skin and reduces dullness . 

$20. Shampoo/Conditioner

$13. Grapefruit Body Oil

INGREDIENTS: Babassu,Castor oil,,Rice bran oil,Shea butter,White clay,Sage oil,Green french clay,Pink Rose clay,Seamoss

BENEFITS:Natural skin nourshing emollient  detoxifier that cleanses and moisturizing skin leaving it soft. Antioxidants,Vitamin E,Vitamin A, Vitamin B12,fatty acids rich in omega 3 and  9. Promoting instant hydration achieving healthy skin, treats dry skin,rashes, helps with wrinkles and skin elasticity.

4.25 Glass bottle

$6.Apricot Chamomile Soap

INGREDIENTS: Turmeric powder,Coconut oil, oil,Apricot oil,Cedarwood oil,Shea butter,Mango butter,shea nut oil,Grapeseed oil,Siberian, Chamomile,Water.

BENEFITS:  This soap is great for  dry,irritated skin because its high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin A. Its moisturizing properties keeps your skin cells hydrated and counter acts drying effects associated with exfoliating your skin ,providing you with a healthier and softer skin surface.

5 oz bar

INGREDIENTS: Shea butter , Warm Vanilla ,Coconut oil,Beeswax,Castor,Sunflower oil,Parkii,Cocoa butter,Aloe vera.

BENEFITS:Protects the lips from cold and dry weather which leaves lips vunerable resulting in dryness,chapping or cracks. This lip balm nourish replenish and adds moisture to lips for more protection

$3.Vanilla Lip Balm

$10..Charkra Healing Braclets

Color Therapy And Energy Work. Connect with your spirit Roots and the balance your physical body at the same time. Lava stones is a grounding stone that strengtens and courage ,Allowing us stability through times of change and innerstanding in certain situations in life.

$10. Turmeric Body Cream

INGREDIENTS: Turmeric Powder,Manuka Honey,Shea butter,Kokum butter,Coconut oil.

BENEFITS:Anit-bacterial,Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant properties that can help with damage skin, great for sensitive skin,wrinkles,aging spots and skin blemishes.

4 oz 

$10.Body Cream

INGREDIENTS: Lavender,Chamomile ,Shea oil,Beeswax,water,Seamoss oil,Aloe vera,Vegetable glycerine ,Shea butter,Vanilla essential oil.

BENEFITS: Heavy rich thick cream For dry skin and rashes . Adding skin  protection to hold up in moisture.

4 oz 

INGREDIENTS: Shea butter , Raspberry ,Coconut oil,Beeswax,Castor,Sunflower oil,Parkii,Cocoa butter,Aloe vera.

BENEFITS:Protects the lips from cold and dry weather which leaves lips vunerable resulting in dryness,chapping or cracks. This lip balm nourish replenish and adds moisture to lips for more protection

$3. Raspberry Lip Balm

$3.Herbal Mint

INGREDIENTS: Shea butter , Herbal mint,Coconut oil,Beeswax,Castor,Sunflower oil,Parkii,Cocoa butter,Aloe vera.

BENEFITS:Protects the lips from cold and dry weather which leaves lips vunerable resulting in dryness,chapping or cracks. This lip balm nourish replenish and adds moisture to lips for more protection